Playing Catch Up: Gaga, Alanis, Sociopathy


Happy Sunday night! I am actually going to an office for work again so I want to make sure I get caught up on our conversation before the week starts.

For starters: I love White Lightning! Though I will say the “Telephone” video analogy award goes to Salon for the Health Care Manifesto analysis.

Next: I never got into Alanis so I appreciate your conversation about her. I feel inspired to defend her, too. I feel inspired to defend almost everyone from my youth, except for some reason Lisa Loeb.

Third: holy shit, I forgot how weird that Nirvana video was. We DID grow up surrounded by bizarre imagery so of COURSE we’re all whatever about “Telephone” and all its sociopathic violence and hyper sexualized prison iconography. Have you talked to Baby Boomers about that video? It freaks them the fuck out! But we’re like, “Uh, those Saturday morning cartoons you let us watch for hours on end were way worse.”

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