In the Girls’ Room: Pre-Internet Teen Girl Bedroom Culture

From left: Ada, Marisa, Kara. Photobomb guy in back: music fanatic who in conversation with Neal name-checked 85 bands in 7 minutes.

Back from EMP!

For our panel at the pop music and technology conference out in Seattle, Neal did a reenactment of the Alanis Morisette “Thank U” video. As he was naked for it, security guards carded everyone entering the auditorium and we were locked in the room for those three minutes. It was eerie, moving, funny and the perfect performance to open a panel about pre-internet teen bedroom culture.

From left: Marisa, Kara, Neal at closing party

With Neal then moderating, we and Marisa Meltzer had a really wide-ranging conversation about teenage girl-dom, identity construction, sex, aloneness, creativity, linking bedrooms, decor, the Spice Girls, Riot Grrrl, zines, fashion, and many other things. We left 45 minutes for questions but should have left more, because the audience was SO SMART and they told lots of telling and witty stories about their own teen bedrooms and asked really great questions. I had a great time. Kara, what was your favorite part of the conference?

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  1. Your indeed right on this blog post.

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