90swomen Caring About Body Image, Class Issues, and Other 90swomen Things

speaking of self-involved: one more picture of us

Ada, I had so many favorite EMP moments, many of which were somehow related to the post-panel after-party, at which I drank a number of Fat Tire beers out of a can in a roomful of music nerds whose idea of a good time is drinking and parsing Ke$ha’s weird cultural tourism–a topic I will take on once I watch this video. But in the meantime, during some of my self-involved self-googling (soooooo 90swoman), I found this blog post on our EMP panel. It says:

“This was the panel that fired up the most passionate questions from its audience: Women still angry about body size mattering so much for women in the public; the idea that the Internet has replaced homemade DIY music and print culture; and the digital divide itself, the fact that so many young women don’t have access to computers or the ability to network out of their class.”

Like you said, Ada, this is always one of my favorite things about EMP: that every time I have ever presented there has been an audience filled with cool feminists dying to talk about this stuff. Afterward, a lot of them came up and said they read our blog, which was pretty rad. Anyway, more later, but I wanted to say thank you to all of the 90swomen readers who came to see us and talk with us. It was really cool to meet you.


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