Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden

Emily Rediker in Washington, D.C., just sent us the nicest email. She works on a web series created by Otessa Ghadar called Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden. It’s about high schoolers growing up in the 90s in Washington, D.C. They just started an eZine and the latest is a teen-mag-prom-issue-pastiche [PDF here]. Check it out!


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3 responses to “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden

  1. i will check it..thanks..nice blog and totally i like it 🙂

  2. Alix

    oh God no way…I went to high school with almost everybody who stars in this. I’m friends with most of these people. seeing them all on this blog is insane.

  3. emily

    Thanks Ada! so sweet of you 🙂

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