Is Boobquake 90s-Womanish?

So you’ve probably heard about Boobquake, this internet phenomenon whereby thousands of women challenge a statement made by an imam that women’s immodesty causes earthquakes. They all wear lowcut shirts + no earthquakes = imam is dumb, sexy ladies win. Leaving aside the slight complication that there were earthquakes today, this strategy for social protest seems to epitomize third-waviness vs. second-waviness. This is a gross reduction, I know, but just bear with me: to protest male gaze, etc., second-wavers wore comfortable clothes. To protest male repression, third-wavers run around with cleavage showing. Similarly, some Brooklyn ladies are biking naked through Hasidic neighborhoods to protest their request that women in the neighborhood cover up (which seems more culturally aggressive than Boobquake, but sort of related).  It reminds me of that scene in that Judith Butler movie where she sees all the girls running around campus in their panties for “underwear day” or whatever and says, “pas revolutionaire.” I don’t know, though, maybe having fun and laughing at people telling you not to be immodest is revolutionary in its own way?

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One response to “Is Boobquake 90s-Womanish?

  1. Meghan

    Definitely very third wave!

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