Is Courtney the 90sest of 90s Women?


Hmmm, Kara, your write-up of the Hole show is great and she looks really terrific in the Letterman clip and I loved “Miss World” when I was a teenager. 


I’ve always been kind of freaked out by Courtney Love and even though she’s totally iconic and everything, I feel like it’s hard to talk about her without acknowledging that she’s mentally ill and has a dark history of physically assaulting ladies, especially fellow lead singers. 

She was charged with felony assault for attacking Kristin King while she was sleeping. (“Love poured whiskey on King and the alcohol bottle struck the woman’s left cheekbone and temple. The singer allegedly then threw a lit candle at King, jumped on top of her and dug her fingernails into King’s left forearm and bicep. Love also allegedly yanked King by the hair, backhanded her, chipping one of King’s teeth, and pinched her breast, leaving a bruise…”). 

Unprovoked, she punched Kathleen Hanna in the face and menaced her with a lit cigarette. 

She allegedly assaulted singer Mary Lou Lord, who still sounds freaked out about it.  

And yes, as you mentioned, she lost custody of her teenage daughter and slapped her mother-in-law outside the courthouse. 

And now suddenly she’s out talking to Howard Stern about how she slept with Gavin Rossdale while he was with Gwen Stefani (whom he’s since married and with whom he’s had two children) .  

I’m reminded of that interview Lisa Carver did with her in Rollerderby where Love, seeming very druggy, was rambling at Lisa about how plastic surgery was awesome because then “we get to fuck the boys we want to fuck.” And Lisa was like, “Um…” And I guess that’s how I am whenever I hear Love described as a feminist.



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8 responses to “Is Courtney the 90sest of 90s Women?

  1. NR

    Thanks for the perspective. As much as I love Hole’s music, I can’t feel psyched about someone who is so deep into addiction and putting her daughter through hell. Being an alcoholic parent is NOT 90’s womanish!

  2. I have trouble commenting on Courtney without sounding contradictory…

    Apparently (I have no idea if it’s true) Kathleen Hanna did provoke her, by making a remark about her and Kurt’s parenting, something along the lines of “where’s the baby? in the closet on a drip?”.

    She certainly is a flawed person, has done some shitty things to her enemies and her fans alike, not to mention her daughter and former band mates…but I can’t help but love her and enjoy her interviews.

    Argh! I just don’t know!

    • Kathleen didn’t say that. But I feel your frustration! I really like R. Kelly’s music, for example, and so have tried to block out all talk of his peeing on girls and whatnot. I think it’s a very 90s Woman thing to grapple with loving someone’s work and being freaked out by them in real life, or vice versa. I always have trouble accepting that someone can be both an misogynist and a genius, as the song goes. -Ada

    • I don’t think Kathleen Hanna really did say that, I think that’s just a rumor. I feel like there’s so much gossip surrounding that issue, I always hear people say Kathleen said this or that, but every time the story and what she said is different- so I have a hard time believing any of it.

      Anyways, I really enjoy Hole’s Music and Courtney Love as a musician for the most part, but I have a hard time seeing her as a feminist, and a lot of what she has done/said really pisses me off and makes me sad. Hmmm.

  3. Steph

    Ah, so just a rumour?

    That doesn’t surprise me.

    She’s the kind of person I’d love to talk to for a couple of hours and make my own mind up on her.

  4. Kate

    Kathleen Hanna is an annoying imbecile, who can’t utter a sentence without “umm…like”-ing it up. It’s a stupid and tacky thing to say, but if she were a guy (say she’s Eddie Vedder or something) and a crazy guy version of Courtney punched him-her, we might all laugh or shrug it off. Violence is very un-90s, and the other instances aren’t excusable, but Kathleen Hanna isn’t excused her annoying idiocy just because she’s a dues-paying third waver.

    Besides, Courtney went to Alternative High School and did time in Juvie but can also play trustfund kid really well. It’s hilarious. As long as it isn’t happening to you, I guess.

  5. It’s incredibly depressing to watch Courtney Love playing in a band she has decided to call Hole and it’s comprised of a bunch of generic rocker sessions dudes. It just seems weird that such a self-proclaimed feminist and hardcore critic of male rock bullshit would be doing that. And the material on “Nobody’s Daughter” largely seems like a failed attempt to recapture the magic of songs like “Miss World” or “Doll Parts” but instead you get weird folk-rock dreck with Courtney’s overly-thrashed voice trying to make it all work. It just feels like she’s trying to go backward and she really can’t. The issues in her personal life are far too sordid and disturbing to allow her to be anywhere near as fabulously broken as she once was.

    And on a side note, Kate, I find it really disturbing that you’re basically saying Kathleen Hanna deserves to be physically assaulted just because you happen to think she’s an idiot. And let me tell you, rock journalism has done enough to praise brainless dudes in bands and act as if every lamebrain phrase out of their mouths is some sort of gospel. So someone who speaks like a real human being and says “like” a lot is hardly an imbecile by default.

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