Our NY Post Photo Shoot

Kara, now that I’m working at the NY Post I know firsthand that things that get pushed back for a few months don’t usually ever run, so I think we should go ahead and tell everyone about our January photo shoot for the paper. Otherwise this event would be lost to time, which would not be fair to the readers who offered super helpful suggestions for the shoot.

As you’ll recall, you came over to my place an hour before we had to meet the super nice and cute NY Post writer and the equally nice and cute photographer. Here are the outfits we considered wearing. Memorable quote of the morning, Neal saying, “Do you have a barrette? Because if you have a barrette then you’re done.” Also a good call by Neal: wearing a plaid bra under a black dress.

Our during-shoot fear was that we would freeze to death, because it was something like five degrees and we had to take our coats off because we were wearing all black and it wouldn’t show up on the newsprint or something.

Our post-shoot fear was that they would use the one where you are adjusting your glasses all “I am deconstructing you right now” style, or the one of us in front of an industrial building looking like a feminist girl gang, arms crossed and posing like we were sixteen and just discovered Public Enemy. (I still don’t know how the cool photographer got us in that position with his polite “Hmm, why don’t you move up here and you put your head down and you turn your head this way.”)

Another anxiety: I thought I was going to be cut out of the photo because you were being art-directed so much and to me he was like, “You? You can do whatever.” And you thought you were in trouble because you kept getting art-directed. Classic “feminine” response to a situation like that. But then while we were warming up in front of a heater later we confessed these fears to each other and laughed really hard and were not worried anymore. And THAT is what feminism is about, Katie Roiphe.

Photo by Eilon Paz.

Photo by Eilon Paz.

Photo by Eilon Paz.


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2 responses to “Our NY Post Photo Shoot

  1. Ada, I know it’s not very 90swoman to take bad pictures of yourself off the internet–putting UP bad pictures of yourself on the internet would be the more classic 90swoman move–but…I’m too vain for that. I took a few down that I really don’t like. I actually don’t love the rest, either, (I loved the photographer! Not his fault!) but maybe having a few humiliating photos here is good for my soul or something.–Kara PS. I do like the top one by Elias. We look like a girl gang. But a happy girl gang.

    • You are funny. I am sort of glad you took out the one from the Blackbird cafe, because even though Neal says it’s his favorite one, I think I looked stoned. Vanity is very 90s woman! -Ada

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