90s-Music Soul-Searching

A reader mentioned the Gin Blossoms and suddenly a lot of 1991/2/3 walkman memories came rushing back. Holy shit, had totally blocked this out and this. I listened to New Miserable Experience a lot more than to anything I would now vouch for as culturally important, I’ll tell you that.  

Also, god, the Mekons and Mercury Rev and Too Much Joy and Yo La Tengo and Billy Bragg and the Smiths and the Pixies and Guided by Voices and the Violent Femmes and Pavement (see above and, uh, Cut Your Hair) and . . .

Wow, in the early 90s I listened to NO music by girls except for Exile in Guyville. Most of this stuff I found working at Spin in 1992 as an intern and I can still remember those piles of demo tapes. (Tapes this amazingly like-minded person evidently knew something about too. Ass Ponys fans unite!) 

Okay, wait, the Darling Buds were girls, right? And Belly? But yeah in general, guy-city. Self-knowledge.


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2 responses to “90s-Music Soul-Searching

  1. Meghan

    Soul Asylum’s Runaway Train came on the radio a few days ago and it brought me immediately back to 93. Loved the missing children advocacy built into the video. Soul Asylum’s other hot video, which was a lot less of a big deal, for Just Like Anyone is very 90s because of the beautiful outsider girl character who has a secret and learns that she’s rad even if her peers don’t get her. And like her or not, I think we can all agree that Claire is very 90s. Plus Dave Pirner dated Winona, which actually leads me to an important question- Is Winona more 80swoman or 90s woman?!

  2. Alf

    Ugh, a lot of the comments on that Violent Femmes video are about “How I Met Your Mother.” No, just…no.

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