Design the Julie Ruin T-Shirt!

Attention 90s Woman Designers!

Kathleen Hanna is having a design contest over on her blog. Send over your design for a new Julie Ruin T-shirt.

If you win, she will give you

“a hundred bux and a super special cd mix made by me”

The deadline was just extended to June 1st!

P.S. Kara, we need T-shirts, too. Let’s steal this idea and have a contest this summer.



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3 responses to “Design the Julie Ruin T-Shirt!

  1. omg yessssssssss! 90swoman t-shirts! worn in conjunction with some sort of skirt and 3-inch heels! we have next year’s emp uniform.–kara

  2. Meghan

    I’ve been wanting every single entry she posts!

  3. HEY YOU KNOW MY SISTER kate DESIGNED THAT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhahahaha i hope katleen picks it!

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