People Talking Trash on Us. AKA, We’ve Arrived!

Hannah Mudge suggests in “’90s Nostalgia: Are We Ignoring the Prsent?” that a ’90s revival is going on and it is destructively nostalgic. And dude, we are totally in the article-montage of backward-lookingness.

She writes: “We have 90sWoman, the blog where Kara Jesella and Ada Calhoun discuss being female in the ’90s and just how awesome it was.”

This made me think: (1) We have to talk more explicitly about the ways in which the ’90s sucked. And (2) How awesome is it that we are part of a problematic cultural trend? You get drunk at a show and start a blog and a few months later you’re getting people concerned about mis-written history. And (3) I would like to point out that, ahem, we said months ago that in a lot of ways today’s lady musicians are way more feminist and interesting than the ’90s ones. Or at least I think I said that and then we started to argue about it and got distracted by Beyonce. Or EMP. Or plaid.   



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4 responses to “People Talking Trash on Us. AKA, We’ve Arrived!

  1. zan

    Not to stick my nose in, but number one 90s suckage on my list: being expected to follow a prototype (“goth,” “hippie,” “raver,” “sporty spice”). A lingering condition of the 80s, but still most definitely a 90s problem.

  2. It’s pretty inevitable that when you grew up with something, you will look back on it with some nostalgia. It’s hardly a “new trend”. The real trend is calling anything that a group of people are suddenly interested in a “new trend”, even when it’s been around in some form of another pretty much forever. Besides, plaid is awesome. Nice blog!

  3. I wouldn’t say that I was ‘talking trash’ about your blog – in fact in really like it. I was using the blog as an example of 90s nostalgia which *some people* view as a golden age while making out that things today are really bad. I would have said that this blog is not part of that at all!

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