Memo to Glee Writers: Radicalize the Dumb Girl

Glee is super inclusive and all, but there is no radical feminist character yet. I nominate Brittany (no last name; robbed of herstory!), the dumb blonde who has slept with almost everyone in the school. To quote Clueless, this girl is crying out for a makeover. Just a little CR would work wonders. And she would look so cute in classes!



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6 responses to “Memo to Glee Writers: Radicalize the Dumb Girl

  1. I don’t know, in the Madonna episode it sounded like Quinn was getting primed for that role:

    Quinn: “The fact is a woman earns 70 cents to every dollar a man earns for doing the same job. That attitude starts in high school.”

    If she becomes some bad-ass single mama that will make me a happy lady.

    • Good call! Also, last week Mercedes said: “I know he’s using me, but in a way, it’s even better. I’ve never had a guy like me for anything, but now I’m such a steaming mug of hot chocolate that one of the studliest guys in school wants to use me to harvest some mojo. I know what this is. My heart’s safe.” Does it get more third wave than that? -Ada

  2. A

    I love Brittany (the actress, Heather Morris, is a dancer, and watching So You Think You Can Dance has given me an appreciation for that)! However, so much off-the-wall stupid stuff has come out of her mouth that I’d be afraid any smart feminist commentary she’d make would be labeled as stupid by the masses. One of the things I like about her that is feminist is her acceptance of the sexuality spectrum.

    (I’m afraid I don’t know what CR is.)

  3. well, GLEE is the best musical tv series out there, nice characters and nice songs -.;

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