Is This the Most 90sWoman Song of 2010?

Ada, apparently this Christina Aguilera/Nicki Minaj song, “WooHoo,” has been floating around the internet since last Monday. How did I make it through an entire week without it? Major fail on my part. Anyway, I feel like you are generally more celebratory about contemporary music, and contemporary feminism, than I am. But if I was looking for some proof of 2010’s greatness, I think I found it?

You know how I said yesterday that 90swomen wanted to be in control of their sex lives? Um, yeah, that times 10. This song is all “I see you Liz Phair’s ‘Flower’ and Alanis Morissette proud of giving blowjobs in a theater and Salt n Pepa talking about sex AND I RAISE YOU.” It’s got oral sex, girl bonding, bossiness, and lyrics like “I know I probably shouldn’t, but…” Plus, it’s hilarious. SOLD.



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2 responses to “Is This the Most 90sWoman Song of 2010?

  1. kurotako

    From Sneaker Pimps “Roll On”, 1996:

    Roll on, these doors are open
    Roll off, you can come next time,
    I’m in love with your confusion, on your knees
    When you’re breathing through your elbows,
    Down on me, down on me

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