Is Journalism Getting More 90s-Womanish?

Kara, I’m just throwing this out there because we mentioned Jezebel earlier and I think this is relevant to us: Maureen Tzacik has a million-page article in CJR about the past, present and future of journalism. She writes:

When the Internet forced journalism to compete economically after
years of monopoly, journalism panicked and adopted some of the worst
examples of the nothing-based economy, in which success depends on the
continued infantilization of both supply and demand. At the same time,
journalism clung to its myths of objectivity and detachment, using
them to dismiss the emerging blogger threat as something unserious and
fundamentally parasitic, even as it produced a steady stream of
obsessive but sneering trend stories on the blogosphere.

That seems pretty dead-on to me.

P.S. Okay, I am now shutting up. Can you tell it’s been a slow news day?


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