“Lisa, You’re Not Sprinkling Your Sparkles”

Kara, a smart reader just wrote in and said,

I’m biased because I’m only 20 now, but Lisa Simpson was my favourite 90s feminist icon, although I didn’t really understand feminism until I was about fourteen. Is Lisa Simpson a 90swoman? I mean, what about this?

I’m going to say yes, Lisa Simpson would qualify as a ’90s woman, even though she didn’t get to grow up and flourish into a Liz Phair-listening, cracked-nailpolish-wearing Antioch-Rules-discussing young lady. She was well on her way.

Jezebel called her a feminist hero, and ran this (great but slightly volume-wonky) montage of her most feminist moments.┬áBest is when Malibu Stacy’s vacuousness radicalizes Lisa and she gets in trouble for smarting off and avoiding glitter.

P.S. To AC: You didn’t understand feminism until you were 14?! I’m 34 and am still trying to figure it all out…

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