Lady Gaga + Glee = 90s Woman

Okay, I meant to put this up a million years ago. The Glee Lady Gaga episode explains (better than any ecofeminist-reading 90s woman could) what political correctness was supposed to be before it became about academic witch hunts and turned into a punchline. The most relevant two minutes are here (starts about 26 min into the episode; no, I couldn’t figure out how to embed a Hulu custom clip so you have to click on there to get to it).

So maybe it’s time for us to talk about political correctness (also: the Antioch Rules, Anita Hill, etc.). You are crazy busy right now, Kara, so no rush, but at some point I want to know if you had the same experience in Buffalo that I did in NYC of being like, why would people use words to hurt each other if they knew how they could avoid it? That really baffled me when I was 15 and there was a big backlash against what seemed to me a very logical suggestion that everyone be nice to each other.


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  1. beth

    i found your blog a day before the gaga-glee aired, and i’ve been hoping you ladies would talk about it!

    also, this is my new favorite blog. forreal.

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