The Sexual Power of Just the Ten of Us

Falling asleep last night, I started to dream of a family of daffy sisters who lived in an attic . . . and then I remembered it was a TV show! From the ’90s! Or from ’89 and ’90 and then syndicated through the ’90s! And watching some clips on YouTube today I realized that even though I haven’t thought about it in twenty years, “Just the Ten of Us” totally influenced my idea of hot womanhood. They were nymphomaniacal, scheming, ambitious, wore lots of ’80s-Gap-esque flower prints, and had rich fantasy lives. They spent a lot of time talknig to each other in their bedrooms and dreaming about boys and escape. It was like The Virgin Suicides with big hair. If my idea of sexiness is three parts the Blondie video for “Heart of Glass,”  it’s one part the oldest four daughters on this show.



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2 responses to “The Sexual Power of Just the Ten of Us

  1. A

    Oh, god, I just wasted an hour watching two episodes of that and then one of Parker Lewis.

  2. I’d almost forgotten this show ever existed. I think this was the first (only?) show I watched that featured a family of bad catholics. (Very relatable in that respect — I was well on my way to becoming a lapsed catholic/atheist.)

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