A ’90s Womanly Review of SATC2

New Line/HBO

Feeling weird about how ANGRY so many critics seem about the latest SATC? The backlash to the backlash has begun. See: Bust and New York Magazine. (Emily Nussbaum says the reviews to date amount to: “shut up, you stupid cunts”). 

Also, check out this very ’90s-feministy review of the Sex and the City 2 reviews mentioned in Nussbaum’s NY Mag piece.

The Guardian writer does a very nice takedown, comparing the way critics have called the SATC women the following: “old, ugly inside and out, bitches, lewd sluts, whores, venal, selfish, haggard, vulgar, self-pitying, neurotic ‘girls’,” while calling Hot Tub Time Machine “a ‘lively comedy . . . an amusing homage to the genre . . . funny, sexy . . . among its pleasures is . . .’ yeah, great, thanks, whatever.”

I still don’t want to see the movie, but here’s to reviewing the reviewers, ’90s Woman style!



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2 responses to “A ’90s Womanly Review of SATC2

  1. ana australiana

    Hey 90swomen. I appreciated these tempering links and thoughts in the SATC2 review storm! I couldn’t find any reference to the implication of the Middle East location (and the way in which the ladies relate to said location), though – surely 90swomen aren’t so accustomed to American-led wars in the region that they don’t rate a mention….?

    In related news I loved Lauren Berlant’s discussion of the first film. I think much of it still holds: http://supervalentthought.com/2008/06/23/women-are-from-mars-women-are-from-venus/


  2. As someone who wasn’t a fan of the show or the first movie, I thought I would hate the second movie–and I didn’t. Emily Nussbaum’s article is exactly right. And, as always, I love Lauren Berlant.–kara

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