Down With Love and Revenge as a ’90s Impulse

Kara, have you seen “Down with Love”? I know a lot of people hated it, but I thought it was pretty brilliant, especially in the way it sends up all those Doris Day-Rock Hudson movies, where the girl is so love-struck and virginal, and the boy is so scheming and wily (and eventually love-struck).Anyway, the girl in this one gets the most intricate, perfect revenge (spoiler above; skip to 3:30 for the monologue about it), and it got me thinking about Revenge as a ’90s theme (to go along with Stealth).

Remember how Taylor Swift was like, “Some guitar teacher told me my hands would always be too small for the twelve-string guitar. [STRUM]” The ’60s way to get back at someone who disrespected you was to decorate his house as a bordello. The ’90s and since way is to write an international bestseller or an Emmy-winning album.

Maybe it’s because we were kids in the ambition-driven ’80s, and so we fused the idea of social justice with the idea of personal accomplishment? In any case, I think it was nice how Taylor is teaching all those ’10s girls that the way to get back at people who tell them they can’t do something is to do it (and then crow a little).


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  1. Holly

    Wow, Antioch reminds me a whole lot of College of the Atlantic… that’s probably why I’ve met a few people who transferred from there after Antioch closed.

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