The Great Alejandro Video Debate

So, it’s here.

Jezebel says it’s boring: “It’s very beautiful! And very dull. Vivid religious iconography, leather coats, vague military/riot references and men in fishnets and heels can’t make up for a weak (non existent?) narrative and an incredibly repetitive song.”

Cathy Horyn, a fan, says it “seems to bring out the prudes in people, or maybe they’re watching too much Fox News.”

Lady Gaga seems to me like a force for good, especially in terms of gay rights and teenagers not feeling lonely, but there’s something about the way she is paying homage to Madonna here that feels ultra-hollow: Catholic iconography, bullet-bra, bare back with blonde hair, writhing male models (although I guess she did add heels). Check, check, check.

There’s something about Lady Gaga’s being pretentious (nine minutes!) about the queen of pretention that creates a vortex of blonde pretensiosity that should be way more fun than it is.  

It’s fun watching “Like a Prayer” (1989) as a chaser. It seems super profound by contrast. Madonna came by her sacrilege more honestly, somehow. I think she taught all of us in the ’90s about how to wink your way through something you also believe in.

Still trying to figure this one out, but, yeah, not totally feeling the “Alejandro” video…



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3 responses to “The Great Alejandro Video Debate

  1. I think it’s visually arresting, but it’s hard to ignore how derivative it is (and not really in a “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” kind of way). Some site even posted a guide to all the Madonna references in Alejandro.

  2. totally agree about the madonna references–that’s all I kept thinking when I watched the video.

    and the song doesn’t make up for the boring (as in seen it before, and seen it done better–Madonna) video.

  3. feminist

    it’s hilariously bad! admit it!

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