A Professor Weighs in on The Antioch Rules

Just had to elevate this super-smart comment into a post. Also, this line cracked me up: “Instead of ruining the moment, it seemed to me that it enhanced it (Can I take off your shirt? You sure can!).”

OK, as someone who taught at Antioch College until it closed, and was involved with maintaining the SOPP (Sexual Offense Prevention Policy), I do have some knowledge of the policy and the campus.

BTWI think the unattached straight boys at Antioch would be thrilled to know that they were the target of so much lust…really, there were lots of straight boys there and although some were surely getting some action, not all were.

Until Antioch closed in 2008 (it will reopen in 2011), the SOPP was very much alive and well and taken very seriously by students. I never understood what was so problematic about making sure everyone involved in a sexual experience was there consensually. And instead of ruining the moment, it seemed to me that it enhanced it (Can I take off your shirt? You sure can!). Although it was reduced to a joke by the media, I know some of us thought it was a great idea and wanted to be part of a community that would have such a policy.


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2 responses to “A Professor Weighs in on The Antioch Rules

  1. Sam

    Hey, I’ve been searching the web for some actual testimonies about how this policy worked for people who are flirting (in the context of this epic discussion about manliness and feminism – http://clarissethorn.wordpress.com/2009/12/09/manliness-and-feminism-the-followup/#comment-2280) and your posts are almost the only thing I could find, except for a Newsweek article explaining that hardly anyone at the college actually cared about the policy, that it was mainly there to give women a “better feeling”.

    Are you aware of more accounts of how people actually managed to flirt/sexually escalate with the policy. Are the specific stages of escalation actually defined anywhere? I couldn’t find this information anywhere within the copies of the SOPP I could find online or even the Antioch college survival guide. There was a reference to “orientation” at the college in which the policy would be explained in practical detail, I suppose, but this sort of information isn’t really available anywhere, apparently.


  2. J. Cruel

    I can not speak for women at large, but I had been making out with boys using the Antioch rules before I knew what they were. One should always communicate clearly with potential lovers and these rules shouldn’t solely apply to men. “Is this cool?”, “do you like this?” and similar phrases should be in every sexually active person’s vocabulary. If you are uncomfortable with the thought of asking or answering these questions, you’re probably not ready for the responsibility of handling another person’s body intimately…and it is a BIG responsibility. Just my own opinion though.

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