The ’90s Woman Alphabet

A is for the Antioch Rules   

B is for Bisexuality  

C is for Clueless  

D is for DIY  

E is for Eco-Activism  

F is for Feminism  

via fromnaturewithlove

G is for Glitter Gel  

H is for Hole 

I is for I Believe Anita Hill  

J is for Jelly Shoes  

K is for Kathleen Hanna  

L is for Liz Phair  

M is for Mix Tapes  

N is for Nirvana  

via hypemusic

O is for “Oops . . . I Did It Again”  

P is for Plaid  

Q is for Queer Studies  

R is for Riot Grrrl  

S is for Sassy  

T is for Take Back the Night  

U is for Unapologetic Sluttiness  

V is for Visible Bra Straps   

W is for Womyn-Born Womyn  


X is for X-Girl  

Y is for “You Oughta Know”  

Z is for Zines

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One response to “The ’90s Woman Alphabet

  1. man, I’d hate to be the woman stuck deciding between Liz Phair and Lisa Carver for ‘L’…

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