Testimony: Lorra

I started my teen years in 1990, so I had the best of both worlds – a childhood in the 80’s with the most delicious toys, cartoons, and pop music, and the great slouchy-glam rock of the 90’s, which I still ADORE to this very day.

I had a brief stint of loving gangsta rap when I was 12 (I don’t know how this happened) and then suddenly delved into Guns N’ Roses and then that led to watching a lot of Much Music and discovering Nirvana, of course. I was obsessed with a show on MM late on Saturdays called City Limits, hosted by a wonderful Brit named Simon – I discovered so many gems of music this way. I took weekly trips to a little store downtown in Vancouver that was the only place at the time that you could pre-listen to CDs. My 14 year old self considered it my second home, and I was convinced my soul mate worked there, and actually that guy still works there.

I love the fact I grew up in this era because it strengthened who I am. I grew up in a small town, so even though a lot of the rest of the world was doing the exact same things as me, for me it felt really different. I felt like I was a part of a very special “alternative” world where I was considered cool instead of the weird sensitive outcast. The pre-internet age left me quite adrift, so making connections via music was super important.

I still love 90’s style, especially babydoll dresses with Docs. Here are a few precious gems of my teenage years. I haven’t changed much. — Lorra


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9 responses to “Testimony: Lorra

  1. Aw, sweet! Thanks for putting this up, you guys 😀 I love your blog so it’s pretty sweet to be on it!

  2. superqueen

    Lovely pics, which brought my mind back to my 20s (I finished high school and studied at university in the 90s).

  3. heee, thanks. I love (almost) all my pix from the early 90’s. Sometimes I think it’ unhealthy for me to idealize those times, but really, they were so great.

    • superqueen

      I totally understand you. I always say that things have changed for me (I’m a mother and a wife now) but deep inside I’m still stuck in the 90s. I cannot help but listening mostly to the music I used to listen at that time, and every time I listen to it, I feel like I’m at home again. Weird feeling, because part of my mind is always looking at the past, but I cannot avoid it.

  4. eunice

    oh my god! i love this blog already, and looking at Lorra’s pictures reminded me so much of my 90’s teen years! i dressed like her, crashed gigs organized by the the local university’s architecture and engineering departments, and stayed glued to my Walkman blasting favorites from Sonic Youth, Nirvana, JAMC, The Lemonheads, The Julie Dolphin, and Manic Street Preachers (during their dangerous years).

    likewise, i am stuck in the 90’s. most of my favorite records and memories happened during that time. sure, high school was full of BS, but there’s always 90s culture i can turn to and reminisce (Sassy! Grunge! spaghetti strap dresses! awesome maryjanes not those wussy maryjane skimmers of today, etc etc etc). it was just wonderful.

  5. 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed!

  6. Gosh I’m just born in 96 😦

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