Liz Phair Raps….

Yeah, so, then there’s this. Click and listen cause I can’t get the embed to work.

I’m looking forward to listening to the whole album, but the free single, “Bollywood,” is so oddly small, right? I mean, I guess that’s one of the things she does, finds the eternal in the minor, but I like more sex and angst with my myopia.

Also, I don’t like being forced to think about getting older and having no money, because that is what I think about when I’m trying to fall asleep at night.

Also, I just watched the video on her page and it’s all Liz nodding while all these dudes — Ira Glass!Dave Matthews! — tell her why they like Exile in Guyville. And she directed it. I guess it’s a joke? Like, Embraced by Guyville, Woot! Kara, use your grad-school acumen to explain Liz Phair 2010 to me!!


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2 responses to “Liz Phair Raps….

  1. Jesse

    There’s something recycled Cibo Matto via The Blow to that piece that’s so non-Liz Phair it could only leave a die hard oldie-Liz fan like me simultaneously scratching my head and reeling with anticipation. The Guyville reissue (and the indulgent “documentary”) made me fall in love all over again. But I’m still wondering what happened…

  2. sk

    as a companion to the new liz album, you must read the review by celebrated 90’s woman jessica hopper:

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