Clearwater: the Poor ’90s Woman’s Lilith Fair

Ani Difranco: like us, looking better now than in the '90s.

Kara, I can’t wait to see your report from Lilith Fair! I especially hope you see Janelle Morae and Emmylou Harris! For a second I thought I saw Nicki Minaj on there and got really excited. But you do have Ke$ha, which means the festival won’t be too wholesome.

I was into the Indigo Girls pretty hardcore when I was 15 and that video totally sent me into a high-school k-hole. The closest I got to Lilith Fair was something called Clearwater. Oh look, it’s still happening! I went there, maybe in 1992?, with some lesbian friends and camped out. They were excited to see Ani Difranco, so we did that in between our insanely long hours of community service. We worked so hard! And I like work, but this was kind of like a hippie gulag.

The only other thing I remember: hitch-hiking our way out of there before the end, because, I think, we were too urban to fully embrace the earth-day-every-day, be-here-now, hacky-sacking vibe.

Have I mentioned that my memory is bad and Neal says he thinks it’s because I am always thinking too far  ahead? So my new mantra is the Clearwater-ish Be Here Now. But also Be in the ’90s Now. What was I saying? Yay, can’t wait to hear your report!



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2 responses to “Clearwater: the Poor ’90s Woman’s Lilith Fair

  1. Holly

    Clearwater may be poor in quality compared to Lilith Fair but the ticket prices are outrageous. I have never been able to afford to go.

  2. That’s why we volunteered. But in lieu of cash, Holly, they made us pay a fortune in sweat and tears!

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