We Don’t Need Lilith Fair, But We Want It Anyway

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9VVGOuaIz4&feature=relatedSo, Ada, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a question that *everyone* has been asking this summer: do we really need another Lilith Fair?

I get why people are asking that question, but for me, it’s not really the relevant one. I don’t need Lilith. I want Lilith.

I was reminded of exactly why today when I was listening to Marisa debate this issue on Soundcheck. She made a lot of excellent points about why it’s great that Lilith is back.

But what really brought the point home for me was when callers started calling in. SO MANY of them were dudes.

One said that the reason why tickets haven’t been selling is because Sarah McLachlan is such a boring performer. Another guy said that neither Marisa, nor the other female expert on the show, seemed to be old enough to really understand what Lilith even meant the first time around.

When this happened, Marisa got kind of awesomely up-in-arms and responded that she is turning 33—today, in fact, happy birthday, MM!—and most certainly did understand Lilith the first time and called him patriarchal. Um, yeah. Fuck that guy.

Fuck all those guys, actually. As I already said, maybe we don’t “need” Lilith, but maybe we want it, and not just because some of us like to hear music by lots of different women, even the ones that some guys find boring. We want it because it isn’t for guys and it isn’t about guys. I know this is really, really hard for some men to fathom. But I personally like the idea of being in a modern-day womyn’s land for a few hours. I went to Woodstock 1994, and I still refer to it as the worst weekend of my life. There were staggering numbers of drunk guys harassing women, which I think is a pretty unlikely scenario at Lilith.

It’s true that the lineup keeps getting less and less exciting–it’s been a hard concert season in general–but Marisa and I have been looking forward to the concert for months. I cannot wait to see the Indigo Girls. I am pretty into Carly Simon. I am SUPER into the girl-watching. I’m going to be honest: we are going with a guy. But at least he will probably be wearing pink socks.

Thoughts on Lilith?


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3 responses to “We Don’t Need Lilith Fair, But We Want It Anyway

  1. I am beyond excited that Lilith came back. I never went in the 90’s and regretted it, so I am happy to be able to have the experience now. As for guys thinking it’s boring? The same weekend I am going to Lilith with my friend and her husband, my husband will be at a 3-day long metal concert, and that’s just fine. 🙂

  2. *carrie*

    “We want it because it isn’t for guys and it isn’t about guys. I know this is really, really hard for some men to fathom.”

    ^ I’m pretty sure this hit the nail on the head. In fact, I’m not interested in it because it’s “not for guys” but because it’s “for women”. Guys don’t factor into my opinion on Lilith. At. All.

  3. Those comments sound like the exact same things they said about LF the first time around. I can’t wait to hear the report!

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