Frances Bean’s Gallery Show by Steve Granitz/WireImage

Interview has an article about Frances Bean Cobain’s art world debut. How amazing is it that she is into G.G. Allin? I am always surprised whenever anyone is into him besides Lisa Carver. His kind of insanity is not for dilettantes.

Anyway, Frances seems totally interesting. She’s using the pseudonym Fiddle Tim. She is super pretty and her sixteenth birthday party sounds exciting. (This super condescending blog post about the party totally scolds her for the death theme and also tells her to smile. For real?).

The show is at La Luz de Jesus until August 1st. Anyone in L.A. want to go check it out for us?



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2 responses to “Frances Bean’s Gallery Show

  1. This girl seems cool. She reminds me of when i was a teenager and the girls i used to hang out with.

    I hate GG Allin though. He’s not exactly woman-friendly. I also hate, and all of their posts about women are condescending and pretentious.

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