Authenticity is Dead, Long Live Authenticity

REAL AD COPY: "Ripped from the fashion headlines! These stylishly distressed boot-cut jeans are sure to get you noticed, with heavy-duty frayed abrasions that would take waaay too long to create on your own. We do the work so you can work the trend. Pieced button-flap patch pockets in back add to the eye-catching attitude."

Kara, both articles are great, I think, and very perceptive about the Lady Gaga phenomenon, and how it’s  a glam “I’m okay, you’re okay” cult.

“Authenticity” started out in the ’90s being essential and ended up being super flexible. With grunge, it did matter whether you got your flannel shirts at a thrift store or J. Crew, because one was “realer.”

But then, as the ’90s went on, the rockist need to be “real” fell away.

Cue today’s totally anti-real Lady Gaga movement.

Now it’s like no one would even think to ask where someone whether their jeans are ripped because they are working on a farm or because they shop at Old Navy. (But I would still not buy ripped jeans at Old Navy.)


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