Testimony: Buzz-Cuts for Women!

Amelia Abreu, a PhD Candidate at The Information School in Seattle (talk about authentic!) writes in:

Something so 90s has occurred to me recently that I feel compelled to share. The buzz cut for girls (and this sort of intriguing self-confidence/self conscious hot-to-trotness that came with it) seemed very ubiquitous in my 90s college/high school years. Recently, having moved from Seattle (which is like forever 90s) to Cambridge, MA (which is like forever college), I’ve encountered a slew of baldheaded young women. Is this coming back? Did it ever leave?

Bald heads, like bra straps, seem to be coming back. Also, plaid. Did we mention plaid? Thank you, Amelia, for pointing out this new sign of the ’90s revival.

My best friend when we were in high school shaved the sides of her head but left the rest really long, so when she went to her job she could leave it down and be a normal girl, and then when she was out at night she could show off her half-shaved head. That brings up another ’90s fashion trend: the cover-up (tattoos on the back, multiple earrings you could take out).


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