Liz Phair: The Chicago Reader Takedown

A ’90s Woman wrote in: “as a companion to the new liz album, you must read the review by celebrated 90’s woman jessica hopper.”

So we did. And she was right. It’s a must-read. It’s WAY harsh, and I still haven’t listened to the album (because I’m scared I won’t like it),  but the article brings up a lot of stuff about the death of nostalgia, and also name drops Peaches and The Box.

Everyone go read it! Here’s an excerpt:

For much of the album, Phair’s lyrics are wrapped up in couldas: the career she coulda had, the money she coulda had, the acclaim she coulda won from the idiot marketplace. Not unlike recent albums from M.I.A. and Courtney Love, Funstyle is an iconic woman reckoning with her iconicness—detonating our idea of her, teasing out her awareness of her art as product, fucking with her place as cog in the corpo machine. But where Love and M.I.A. are sinister, Phair is sad.

Click here for the rest.

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