Top ’90s Style Icons?

Buzzfeed has the top 20. It’s a fun list. (Thanks, Brendan, for sending!) Just one question: Did people really try to dress like Kelly Bundy or Blossom? They seemed to me to be Slutty and Quirky personified, not so ’90s-specific. Whereas, I KNOW people tried to imitate the Kurt and Courtney cover of Sassy. Also, this list reminded me of something we should talk about: ’90s MTV VJs!



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4 responses to “Top ’90s Style Icons?

  1. I definitely know people who tried to imitate Kelly Bundy’s style (or Julia Robert’s in Pretty Woman, pre-makeover). Kurt and Courtney, not so much.

  2. yes kelly bundy and blossom were definitely emulated. even i wore those baggy gross cardigans that blossom wore. I’m surprised kate moss and courtney love are not on this list though.

    but i have to tell you, i haven’t heard of so many people on this list. maybe its because i was too old already for say, babysitters club?

    who are rayanne graf (wait, that’s the chick from my so called life isn’t it?), emily valentine, cathy denis and the lubbock babes (i looked it up – they went off the air in 1990 anyway!)? really? was i just living in an insular punk rock world? And what cartoon is Judy Funnie from? i’m at a loss here.

  3. I think Courtney should be #1. I’m serious. I still pine for babydoll dresses and knee-socks. And bad blonde hair and red lipstick.–Kara

  4. I think it depends where you lived, too. In my working class, Midwestern neighborhood, dressing in ratty babydoll dresses, boots, and smeared lipstick might get you questioned by the cops. (And not the fashion cops.)

    I spent my teen years in that weird twilight between the 80s and 90s. By the time grunge was in full swing, I was already in college and dressing in sweats and jeans. On the rare days in high school when we had a dress down day, I wore a lot of oversized sweaters, tights or leggings and flats or sneakers. I thought this was cool and arty, but looking back, I was on the cutting edge of nothing. I have no idea who or what I was channeling.

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