Ad-Rock’s Super ’90s-Woman VMA Speech

The VMAs on Sunday were pretty great, especially the Eminem-Rihanna opening number. But that was not the first sexual assault consciousness raising to go down at the VMAs. Recently on her blog, Kathleen posted a clip of her husband, Adam Horovitz of the Beastie Boys, accepting a VMA in 1999 by rallying the audience to combat violence against women at shows like Woodstock ’99. The speech is really moving and so mind-blowingly brave, especially considering the year and the crowd.  This is one of the many amazingly feminist moves by men in the ’90s (check out this gender-studies analysis of Kurt Cobain, for example) that show the impact of ’90s-style feminism on both men and women. I’m sorry, but for such a maligned decade, the ’90s were sort of awesome.



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