Um, Yeah, Hi

[Gratuitous Pavement song I wish I could hear for the first time.]

It’s been a while since we last posted. I’ve been doing book stuff for Gunn’s Golden Rules (90s Woman representing on the NYT Bestseller List!) and working as a city desk reporter at the Post and doing Tim’s new book and, you know, not feeling very ’90s Womanly. The ’90s were about leisure. The ’10s are about working all the time. Or is it just that one’s 30s are about working all the time and ones 20s are about going to barbecues and sleeping with drummers?

Not sure, but I am back with a message, which is that the ’90s revival is officially real, because MULTIPLE young ladies in their twenties have told me of late that they identify with ’90s fashion and politics and have the Sassy book.

So that is interesting, and also I think they are so LUCKY, because they get to go to Brooklyn Pavement concerts and not have to think about my ’90s boyfriends, which I do. And they don’t have to go through the overly intense identity politics that we went through. They can like Snooki and wear barrettes and also demand equal pay for equal work, and that is good.


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