Rebecca Traister’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry”

Ward Sutton for Barnes & Noble - click for the whole comic-review.

Salon writer Rebecca Traister’s eagerly awaited book about the last election, Big Girls Don’t Cry,  is out now. It’s gotten amazing reviews in the New York Times and elsewhere. I’m really looking forward to reading it.

To the right is a frame from a Barnes & Noble comic-review by Ward Sutton. The review is so odd. It’s sort of indulgent and hostile at the same time. But for our purposes: check out the representation of the “backlash ’80s and ’90s” in this frame.

Maybe it’s because Rebecca never struck me as remotely Indigo-Girlsy, but there’s something about this portrayal that seems fascinatingly on our running list of 90s-Woman faux amisthings that seem to be about 90s womanhood but actually are about something else entirely.

Buy the book here. Click the image to read the B&N review.


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