Lookin’ ’90s, Talkin’ ’60s

What is up with this insane video series for “The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men“? (Thank you for sending it over, Brendan!) This girl’s style is soooo ’90s. Plaid skirts! Sequin babydoll dresses! SCRUNCHIES. But the book is so not ’90s, with its early-Cosmo wrap-yourself-in-Saran-Wrap vibe and its super traditional taste in macho men. Also, it does not seem ’90s because it has a very ’00s sense of this-can’t-be-for-real. But I choose to look past what is being said and how it is being said for what is being worn. This gal’s wardrobe is very 1995.



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3 responses to “Lookin’ ’90s, Talkin’ ’60s

  1. Jessica

    she kind of looks like Bruce Campbell.

  2. Is this for real???? Oh. My. God. I could listen to her say Balkan Peninsula all day. Also “important”–sounds like–“mm-poor-tentttt.”

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