R.I.P., Ari Up


The Slits’ lead singer, while not technically a ’90s figure, was a big influence on ’90s womanhood, as a patron saint of teen-girl punk and abject fearlessness.

Here is the message on her website today: Yesterday, Wed Oct.20th, my good friend Ari had to give in to some serious illness. I am really sad. She was not only a friend, a major inspiration to me for over 30 years and a wild woman, she did more for music history and as a feminist than ever can be said in just a few words hidden in tears. Unfair, unneccessary and cruel. There is no god!

And here‘s the MTV obit. And something on the punk music page of About.com(?).

I saw her four or so years ago at some variety show type thing at the Bowery Poetry Club and couldn’t take my eyes off her, even when she was just walking around off stage. She had this totally singular look and accent and manner.

Here’s her video for “Typical Girls.” And here’s a great video interview with her from August 2009  in Brooklyn, and another video from L.A. in 2007, at a Slits reunion gig.


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