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Romanian author and political refugee Aura Imbarus

Hi Ada,

Millions of people know Anne Frank, read her diary and have come to identify with her over the years but how many expect to find themselves sharing in her experiences years down the road? Meet the modern day Anne Frank – Romanian survivor and author of the critically acclaimed memoir, Out of the Transylvania Night Aura Imbarus (

While Anne was hiding from the Nazis, Aura was hiding from constant gunfire in the violent streets of Transylvania during one of the most draconian regimes in the Soviet bloc. Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu had turned Romania into a land of imprisoned and politically oppressed zombies.

Despite the daily atrocities being committed outside her house and at the risk of being killed, Aura escaped and fled to America leaving everything behind except a powerful dream and hope for freedom.

Aura is available to talk about a number of topics including:

  • How she managed to escape one of the most merciless communist regimes.
  • How to overcome adversity and remain true to the authentic self.
  • The power of an indomitable human spirit.
  • Why she risked her life for freedom and the American Dream.
  • Anything else you’d like to discuss.

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