The 90swomanest fashion commentary ever? Bloom Heattech ad

All Dudes Learned How to Dress and It Sucks” by Mark HK Choi on the Awl’s new site the Hairpin should be up for some 90swomanest award for hypersexualized fashion writing. She makes the observation that suddenly in New York men are all dressing really well and “that is fucking my game up major.”

She writes: Seriously, there must have been some clandestine colloquium workshop situation where all the dudes in all the land shucked to skivvies and got sized for their perfect pair of Uniqlo jeans and nobody said “no homo,” not even one time, because, Hi, y’all all look fantastic FUCK YOU.

Read the whole thing here. It is written in that super-smart-ditz voice that goes from ALL CAPS to secret whisper to OMGOMG to  to the shrewd use of words like “murderer-y” and is the way girls talk to each other when they find themselves shocked by their own erotic responsiveness to quickstrike high-tops.



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5 responses to “The 90swomanest fashion commentary ever?

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  2. Anonnie Muss

    I can’t, I just can’t. Interesting idea but I hate “that super-smart-ditz voice” you’ve described so well with a burning burning hate. It’s become the default voice for lady bloggers but I hated it before then. I would have hated it in the 90s had it been ubiquitous! I hate that women who seem more or less intelligent think it’s cute to sound not merely ditzy but interchangeably dime-a-dozen ditzy. Often (but not always) while ranting about some inanity, like a 90s comedian in a boxy blazer. That voice is the equivalent of the red hat club for women in their 20s and 30s . . . have you ever seen those, those groups of old ladies who get together and wear red hats and all buy the same knick-knacks together, to asset their supposed individuality? It’s like that, but with completely misplaced vaguely literary pretensions. Which makes it so much worse than merely all dressing up in the same clothes. Please don’t encourage it, 90s woman.

    • This is really funny and smart, Anonnie, especially the “red hat club” analogy. Maybe because for a long time I bleached my hair and wore heels so high I fell down all the time, I have always been a sucker for the idea behind V.G.I. ( There’s power in being underestimated. That’s why I like the philosopher-in-a-scrunchie model. But I think you’re right that it can be oppressive in its own way, and also these days I have come to believe there is also power in being correctly estimated. So, thanks for your erudite comment! -Ada

  3. Anonnie Muss

    Assert, I meant.

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