Kathleen Hanna Show 12-11-10

That date 12-11-10 reads like a countdown, and I am so counting down the minutes to Kathleen’s tribute show! Here’s the poster. And here’s what she says about it on her blog.

When Neal and I were first dating, we drove cross-country listening to Le Tigre and Julie Ruin. We bonded over our love of Bikini Kill fanzines.

Magically, not long after we moved to NYC together, we met Kathleen. Now he’s hosting her show, and I get to go to it.

P.S. This is not said enough, maybe because it’s sort of a pre-’90s thing to say, and maybe I should not say it either, but you guys — SHE LOOKS HOT ALL THE TIME. Like, swimming in a lake, or caught in a gusty wind, or babysitting, or after no sleep. She just can not help looking insanely hot no matter what. For real, it’s eerie.


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