Portlandia: “Dream of the ’90s”

I’m trying to figure out if I really love or really hate this. Someone tell me how to feel?



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11 responses to “Portlandia: “Dream of the ’90s”

  1. I think I feel the same way…torn. It’s amusing, but…kinda dumb, too.

  2. Nickey Robo

    As a Portlander, I think it’s pretty hilarious… And I know at least 1/4 of the extras.

    However, I think it’s kind of inaccurate that the dream of the 90’s only lives on in Portland. Young people (especially punks) everywhere still live like this. It might be less ingrained in the local culture in other places, but the work as little as possible/make art/care about the world lifestyle continues for many.

  3. After watching about 5 minutes I wanted to stop…but I kept going cuz it’s Carrie Brownstein and all. I’m glad I did, because there were really some funny parts. Her acting isn’t that great and the plot seemed unclear. But maybe it’s one of those things where it needs time to develop….maybe? I love the Adult Hide-and-Go-Seek League.

  4. Um, I think it’s hilarious. I had to send it to all my Portlander friends, because, yeah, it’s true. I’m not sure if I watched the same video, because Melanie’s comment above leads me to wonder if there is something more (5 minutes? Plot?).

    Hilarious. I’m not torn at all.

  5. Barbara Swan

    Hi! Love Portlandia! Love you!

  6. uh…I think I’m going to have to organize some sort of Portland pilgrimage.

    I dug the video. Totally.

  7. Even if im not from USA at all i totally love Portlandia! The 90s happened in Europe as well! Grunge was big here in Sweden to, and i was in love with kurt cobain and i was totally obsessed with “my so called life” starring claire danes. And i remember wearing flanell shirt and dying my hair red and listening to the cranberries “zombie” being angry at the world.

  8. By the way; im still dying my hair, still listening to bikini kill from time to time and im still angry at the world. And i love your blog!!

  9. Fred Armisen is such a super cartooney-headed guy

  10. Joel

    Two things;

    1) Love portlandia, at least for this sketch. I was a high schooler in the nineties and a lot of the subtler mentions in the theme song, like “remember when it was cool to lack ambitions? wake up at eleven?” and “people would go to clown school. I gave up clowning years ago!” totally nailed it for me. I had friends who honestly discussed going to clown school and many of us at least pretended to lack ambition. I could never pull it off, but I was never really cool anyhow.

    2) The show tailed off in a hurry. There’s only so many local businesses and quirky generational weirdness that they could nail before running out of material. As someone who played in an adult kickball league, the hide-and-go-seek league was genius.

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