Race and Fashion History

I’ve been researching a fashion history book. It’s so fun going through all these old books and magazines to learn what people wore when.

But pretty much all the people who appear in the big, official books and glossy magazines are white.

The Tumblr Of Another Fashion is a great collection of photographs and stories about stylish women of color throughout the ages. The images, many culled from family albums and garage sales, fill out the monochromatic fashion-historical record in a lovely way. The writing’s great, too.



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2 responses to “Race and Fashion History

  1. It’s great to see people putting together collections like these that point out that NO, fashion is not only for the white/skinny/rich… It’s so sad to me that fashion, which should be such a great way of expressing your personality and about creating art to be worn, is instead just a way to make money and capitalize off of insecurities.

  2. LOVE this site. Personal herstories and diverse experience are the things that breathe life and style into the glossy whitewashed fantasies hawked in fashion magazines. They are so neccesary! One of my all time favorite fashion references/personal histories/document of a hugely important moment/life lessons of all time is the movie WATTSTAX. Solid gold reference for women and men of color absolutely killing it on the style front.

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