Elizabeth Hawes’s Obscene 1968 Sweater

Someone should really re-pro this sweater from 1968. For those without access to a regulation phone keypad, the number spells out F-U-C-K-Y-O-U. This sweater is in the Met’s collection. There’s a great biography of the designer, Elizabeth Hawes, called Radical By Design. I am obsessed with her. She was a couture designer, union organizer, and best-selling author. Via Amazon Marketplace and eBay, I have been collecting her books, which all have awesome titles, like Why Women Cry: Or, Wenches With Wrenches. I venture she was a proto-’90s-woman, in that she was at once a radical feminist and comfortable-with-bordering-on-enthusiastic-about the male gaze.


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  1. Jo Noel

    This is awesome…she was my husbands grandfathers sister. I have some sort of fashion show program of hers from way back and the family has pics and her books too. Interesting lady!

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