Things that Were Hot in ’90s NYC

The lists on the I Went to High School in NYC in the ’90s Facebook page are crazy familiar. Mostly I just hung out in bookstores, but I could relate to almost everything on there, like:

Free Cribs: Even if your moms wasn’t rich you knew some kid whose parents went somewhere every weekend. Me and my crew used to spend whole weekends at different girls’ cribs.


Chilling outside of Unique on Broadway.

Canal St. Jeans pins.

L’oreal lipstick that every chick wore— coffee bean and rum raisin. toast of new york. blackberry.

Antique Boutique

Met steps

Getting your hair cut at Astor Place.

Lovelines on Z100 with Dr. Judy.

“Wilding” teenagers always on the news

Cafe Reggios

Getting “jumped” – just the word “jumped”


The Guardian Angels!

Calling my friends on the phone or making plans at school (no email/cell phones/texting yet)

Manic Panic hair dye



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8 responses to “Things that Were Hot in ’90s NYC

  1. anon mcfacelesspants

    Most of those “L’Oreal” lipsticks are actually Revlon. I wore Blackberry, and they still make them… you can find them at and a million other places. 🙂

  2. Belle Waring

    L’Oreal? Revlon? What about Urban Decay in Bruise? Or Hard Candy blowing everyone’s mind with that light blue nail polish?

  3. Oh right! I wore Revlon Blackberry too. And did Manic Panic and henna all the time. I didn’t discover Urban Decay or Hard Candy until the ’00s!

  4. Some of these don’t sound so different from growing up anytime anywhere. I always try to categorize things and say “well, that only happens to small town people”, or this type of person, or in this type of environment, but sometimes I get reminded that a lot of things just happen to people-period.

    I did “grow up” in the 90s, my childhood took place then, elementary and middle school consumed those years. While at that live point in history I was definitely unaware of the huge feminist movement that was taking place in equality and music and in society (in general), I was definitely a second grader fist pumping when we were learning about Women’s Suffrage, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott.

    I didn’t know it then, but I think what 90s feminists were accomplishing was some entirely revised wave, one that would beg for equality but also recognize that not only should we be treated the same, our differences and worth beg for a lot more attention in every aspect of life (not just the feminine gaze role in films, or the groupie in bands, etc. etc. etc.). I’m sure the 90s were a rockin time to be an active, conscious, and enlightened youth. Oh yeah, and all without “social media” !

    So, thanks, and rock on.

  5. Gwynne

    I had Coffee Bean lipstick! My parents would never have let me buy it, though. I acquired it when a cooler kid accidentally left it behind at a party.

  6. Snapple is not cool anymore? 😉

  7. f cha

    Ricky’s on 6th Avenue, with Patricia Field’s wig counter

  8. CDL

    The Antique Boutique is BACK—as a digital store at least. Totally worth checking out as they have great items and new vintage finds posted daily:

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