Paper of Record Reports on Riot Grrrl Influence

This enthusiastic Sunday New York Times article on the enduring influence of riot grrrl takes the movement and its influence seriously, and heralds the era’s re-examination: “Two decades after its heyday, riot grrrl is beginning to formally take stock of itself,” writes Melena Ryzik. NYU, MoMA, now the New York Times… how much more crazy mainstream can ’90s feminism get?


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One response to “Paper of Record Reports on Riot Grrrl Influence

  1. Hillary B.

    I’m glad the Times has recognized the importance of Riot Grrrl and the recent interest in the movement. I’d like to point out, however, that there was some significant work done previously on Riot Grrrl and the third wave – it was the topic of my 2004 Masters thesis. Long before this NY Times coverage, Sara Marcus’s book , and other recent writings on the topic, I poured my heart and soul into writing about Riot Grrrl and hoped to leave behind a solid foundation for further research. (I can’t imagine how much better my work would have been if there had been as much attention given to Riot Grrrl then as in recent years and if I had the resources that are now available – I would have given my right arm to access some original zines that are now part of the Fales Library archive). I apologize for tooting my own horn, but I dare say I was a pioneer in the field of Riot Grrrl study, and was among the first to recognize and write about just how important this movement was to modern feminism and to women’s history. Sadly though, my work has never been mentioned in any recent re-considerations of Riot Grrrl.
    So, bottom line, I’m elated to see Riot Grrrl being revisited and finally being given its due, but would also like for my work on the topic to be acknowledged! It breaks my heart to have something I worked so hard and passionately on to be totally left out of the current conversation.

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