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Chapter One: Did Someone Say Male Gaze?

I still love Laura Mulvey

Ada, I’m not sure I’m going to get into a PhD program, because I have spent my morning watching Beyonce and Lady Gaga on repeat instead of working on my applications.

(But if I have to go back to my old job as a beauty editor, I have a lot to say about Beyonce’s hotness. Also, we might need to have a private conversation about Lady Gaga’s lingerie in the Bad Romance video.)

Anyway, yes, I am totally with you on the many layers of ‘90s feminism in this video and here’s why: As anyone who has read Our Bodies, Ourselves or “The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm” knows, ‘60s feminism has always had a totally undeserved reputation for being anti-sex. What ’60s feminism was, I think, was anti-visual–at least in bed. Kinky sex? Yes. Garter belts and bustiers and video phones? No.

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Pressure to Perform Is Co-Ed

belladonnaThat Air Supply guy was awesome. I feel like the three people we found sexy except for except pre-deep-throat Belladonna, whose body was  just ridiculously hot, were the Air Supply DJ, that friend of Paul Pope’s who accepted the award for him, and — we can admit it, we’re among friends — Levi Johnston.

And remember, we liked the DJ because he seemed really cool and into what he was doing and emo in the best possible way, and we liked the friend because he was actually cute and had a sense of humor (the Box version of sexiness is completely without humor), and Levi because he was strapping and young and dumb and so cocky it was absurdly intriguing. Continue reading

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Remember the Sex Awards Show We Went To?


Exactly what you think is about to happen happened.

So, Kara, you and I went to the Fleshbot Sex Awards on Wednesday night (because Time Out NY kindly asked me to) and we had many 90s-womanish thoughts.

I wrote most of my observations on the event down for TONY, but I think there’s lots more to say about the whole “third wave feminists are sex-positive/slutty/getting duped by men to act porno-sexy when they should be getting a PhD” thing that I feel has been the major analysis of Gen-X smut in recent years.

I’ve always hated that argument, but I also didn’t really enjoy the kind of “sexiness” that’s on display at the Box. Something about that Cinemax-sexy posturing makes me kind of ill. Do people really find it hot? It seems so pre-internet.

Remember when that naked porn star Belladonna was deep-throating the dildo and dancing around kind of absent-mindedly and we were like, “She seems like she’s having more fun than the black-lingerie-clad girls who were making out with each other earlier and seemed so bored . . . or does she just seem high?”

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