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The “Single Ladies” Scandal Drags On

So, we’ve talked a lot about sexualization and what is and isn’t exploitative or offensive. And apparently I am totally insane because I thought that video of those nine-year-olds at at the dance competition was neither. I just wrote an article about it this morning for Salon. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, but here it is. In a nutshell: there is something very not-90s-woman, I think, about ignoring girls’ talent and focusing instead on what they’re wearing.


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The Sexualization Question

Kara, should we talk about that dance troupe of eight- and nine-year-old girls everyone’s finger-wagging about? Rachel Simmons just wrote a long, distressed post about them on Jezebel, in which she said, “But just because you can wrap your leg behind your ear doesn’t mean you should,” and suggested that a dance troupe with a less glammy routine was healthier.

Anytime anyone starts telling girls to express themselves in more politically relevant or socially appropriate ways (aka: wear sneakers, not high heels to be more feminist) I immediately want to pelt them with glitter gel. As if the girls have some problem, not the people who are watching them and imagining they are trying to be seductive. Continue reading

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90swomen G-Chat Taylor Swift

So, Ada, the other night was a FAIRYTALE (sorry–so feeling it right now!) when we got to see Taylor Swift in concert. And not just in concert! In concert on Long Island for the Fearless Tour.

We didn’t sit together, but it didn’t matter, because we spent the evening texting. Yours say things like: “I’m so happy for all these girls whose first concert it is” and “She should have cuter boys in her band.” (Srsly, Taylor. Work on that, please.)

Anyway, Taylor’s two-hour performance was amazing and even better was watching girls in sparkles and pink tutus screaming and singing along and waving their glowsticks. Pure joy. But let’s get to the analyzing.

Ada: feminism is alive and well. taylor swift is angry. girls today are awesome.

Kara: taylor swift is pissed! and you might not know it from just listening to her music on the radio. but the whole show was, as i think neal said, a revenge fantasy.

Ada: and he said it’s the best way to get revenge. by being smart and successful. and having friends. and making art.

Kara: she had that part where she is like “there are 2 kinds of love: fairy tale love and real love and real love doesn’t always turn out so well.” DARK.


Ada: totally! she is LEVELING with those eight year olds. listen kid. life kind of sucks. and boys kind of suck. don’t let them get away with anything. THEY SHOULDN’T DO BAD THINGS.

Kara: i had always thought the music was all romeo and juliet. but its kinda like: romeo and juliet die in the end.

Ada: i think this may be 2010: don’t let anyone get away with anything. don’t put up with it. no wallowing. just fuck them, move on. we are post-wallow.

Kara: we are definitely post-wallow. even beyonce. with “why dont you love me?” is still, like, “dude, im awesome, whats your prob?”

Ada: “be a dick to me? go for it. i will humiliate you in front of TEN MILLION tweens and their moms.”

Kara: also, at the same time as post-wallow, neal was like “this is like alanis’ ‘jagged little pill,'” which i get too. confrontational.

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Beyonce’s “Why Don’t You Love Me?”

Kara, you told me about this video (bless you!) but I know you’re too swamped with grad school to post it yet so I’m going to throw it on here and let you analyze it later. I say that because I feel like I don’t have the exegetical skills to do it justice, whereas you are in academia and so can take on this immense deconstruction challenge. It is just incredible and I think very post-’90s. All glamour and retro and posing. If the ’90s were both Earnest and Arch, maybe thanks to Beyonce the ’10s are both Wry and Smokin’ Hot.

Here are a couple of stills I screen-grabbed for people who need a little more prodding to watch the video:


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Playing Catch Up: Gaga, Alanis, Sociopathy

From Salon.com.

Happy Sunday night! I am actually going to an office for work again so I want to make sure I get caught up on our conversation before the week starts.

For starters: I love White Lightning! Though I will say the “Telephone” video analogy award goes to Salon for the Health Care Manifesto analysis.

Next: I never got into Alanis so I appreciate your conversation about her. I feel inspired to defend her, too. I feel inspired to defend almost everyone from my youth, except for some reason Lisa Loeb. Continue reading

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Gaga and Beyonce Grapple with Important Political Questions

Ada, Check it out! Today’s most important female performance artists take on female-perpetrated violence. I hope the New York Times likes it.


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90swomen are Ahead of the New York Times

matt damon as a stay-at-home dad? it could happen

Ada, we’ve talked a lot on this blog about 90swomen making more money than their male partners. We have not talked about how the NYT‘s David Brooks is a total un-90s-ish reactionary. Here he is talking to Gail Collins about what young men should do given the sad state of jobs in the current economy.

Gail Collins: I think they should also be encouraged to stay home with the kids. In fact, we should celebrate it. In the grand sweep of American lifestyle choices, stay-at-home fatherhood is possibly the only one that doesn’t get eulogized in our popular culture. I want to see the Bachelorette questioning her suitors on how many years they’d be willing to set aside for full-time childraising. I want a movie in which Matt Damon stays home while Beyoncé goes out to work. He can capture an escaped terrorist during the hours when the kids are in preschool.

David Brooks: In theory, I agree with you. Men should be staying home more. But I do think for many working-class men, we will find ourselves running into some pretty stiff headwinds. I come back to evolutionary psychology, which suggests that women are just more nurturing. Continue reading

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