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Continuing my 90s Body Crusade

So, Ada, I was thinking about how it’s true that you rarely see celebrities with soft bodies anymore. And yet, somehow, I haven’t been feeling all that oppressed by 2010 beauty standards. How come? Part of it is probably because I don’t work at fashion magazines anymore. But the other part, I think, has to do my twin American Apparel and Tumblr obsessions. American Apparel (and their vintage offshoot, California Select) might be kinda evil, but their aesthetic definitely veers towards curvy models in super-tight clothes. And there are lots of awesome tumblrs, like Fuck Yeah Chubby Girls!, to counter the super-skinny, super-airbrushed images we see elsewhere. Maybe the 90s body aesthetic isn’t totally dead?

I have a crush on this American Apparel model.

This Vintage Select girl is really cute.

Vintage Select. Cute.

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Was the 90s Body Ideal Less Punishing?

Mikki just sent us a link to this photo on Tiny Tomato. We have Courtney issues, but were still intrigued by this picture because of how it reminds us that the 90s body ideal was kind of soft, ususally encased in forgiving cotton fabrics, and the faces could have blemishes and be enshrouded in messy hair. Sort of the antithesis, of, like: Continue reading


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Vajazzling is Not for 90swomen

I totally used to wear this kind of glitter gel in the middle of the day.

Omg, Ada, I would have gone back to school years ago if any magazine I ever worked for even suggested I do this.

Though I have a real soft spot for 70s-style cunt art by Hannah Wilke and Judy Chicago—maybe because I have a real soft spot for it—I am really not feeling this trend. In my estimation, vajazzling = spa desperate to create a trend in order to make money + editor desperate to cover something new in order to make money. Then multiply. This recession sucks.

When I was an editor, beauty companies’ attempts to get me to cover similar goods and services made for some amusing times. Like when a male Vagisil publicist picked me up at my Conde Nast office and spent a 20 minute drive downtown telling me about the company’s new products to help clear up the look of some condition he called, over and over and over and over, “vaginal chafing.” Then he dropped me off at the super-fancy lingerie store Agent Provocateur with a $300 gift certificate. I have to admit: All of that chafing talk made it a little hard for me to focus on buying sexy lingerie. But I’m a stoic, so I managed.

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Is Vajazzling 90s-Womanly?

From TheLuxurySpot.com

We have talked a little bit about Body Image, that ultimate 90s Woman topic, and we should talk about it more, especially if we can do it using the word “vajazzling.”

There is apparently a new spa procedure, Kara, which if you were still a beauty editor I bet you’d have to get, in which the lady is waxed and crystals are applied in place of hair. The blogger on LuxurySpot loves it and writes about it charmingly. Continue reading

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What Do You Think of V Magazine’s Size Issue?

That conversation about being a good feminist vs. succeeding in the mainstream was super uncomfortable, which I think means it’s important. But let’s take a time-out for some palate-cleansing fashion talk.

Have you been following this V magazine flap about whether or not the plus-size issue is a feminist triumph or tokenism or something else? I find it kind of annoying whenever fashion mags do a “Size Issue” and everyone acts like it’s such a risk, when it is still clearly ghettoizing women over a size zero. It was like when Vogue got all these pats on the back for having a black woman on the cover. Once. It’s not like it changes anything. Continue reading


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