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“So, There We Were in the Burger King Parking Lot”

Bridget Everett performing at Mike Jackson's house. May 24, 2011.

Twice in one week, I saw Bridget onstage doing the same number: telling a story about being “finger banged” behind a Burger King; then playing the saxophone while her dress fell off.

Two times was not enough! If I could watch her perform every day, I would be a happier person.

Side note: I used to really hate audience participation in any guise, but Bridget is one of the performers who has converted me. When she attacks young men in the audience, it is with such joy and sweetness that it doesn’t feel mean or aggressive. It feels like a generous, cheerful greeting. And I have never seen anyone (including the gentleman in this photo, at right, whose clothes quickly vanished after he was pulled onstage) complain.

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Bridget Everett In the Bathtub!

David Kimelman for EastVillageBoys.com

There’s a great photo series of and interview with the original ’90s Woman, Bridget Everett, up on a site called EastVillageBoys.com. A sample:

Max: So Bridget, you’re a true triple threat: actress, singer and dancer. Let’s talk about your formal training. How long and where did you study to hone your skills?

Bridget: My friend Murray Hill says that I’m not a triple threat, I’m just threatening, but thank you.

Read the whole thing here.

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Nursing Old Grudges in a Sequin Dress

Bridget Everett, the ’90s-Womanest softball player in history, in the off-season.

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Neal, Bridget and Adam: The Show of Shows

Bridget Everett. The Woman. The Legend.

Bridget Everett, seductress, genius, and coiner of the term ’90s woman, juggles two men in what promises to be an insane and unmissable show of sex songs. The men are Neal Medlyn and Adam Horovitz. It’s called “Neal and Bridget are Fuckin’… And Adam is Watching.”

Nick Flynn has said that the title of his (completely amazing) book Another Bullshit Night in Suck City turned off just as many people as bought it for that very reason, and I think this show’s title may do the same thing.

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Bridget Everett’s Show Was Incredible

What You Were Doing Tuesday Night

Kara, when Bridget Everett sang “You Oughta Know” at her show on Tuesday night at Joe’s Pub I almost called you so you could listen, but I thought that might be mean cause I knew you were home reading Heidegger for school.

She did thrilling pop covers with her band (which included Adrock playing bass of all things) and told stories about her fucked-up childhood, death, and learning on Facebook, on Valentine’s Day, that she was being cheated on.

I didn’t see anyone tape it, alas, so I don’t have any YouTube to put up, but here are a couple of photos.

I have to say even if you want to take Karen Finley and Marina Abramovic off the table, female performance art is in fine shape.

What I was doing Tuesday night: Continue reading

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