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90swoman Valentine’s Day

Bridget Everett: still the 90s-est woman alive. Watch it!


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is taylor swift a 90s kind of woman?

Ada, I’m going to be a really bad blogger until I hand in my last paper, but I could not let the feminist debate over Taylor Swift go unremarked on.

Taylor has been nominated for 8 Grammy’s. And though you and I and pretty much all of our friends are fans, lots of feminist pop culture writers like us are ambivalently excited: it’s great that a young girl who controls her own career has gotten this kind of recognition, bad that her songs are all super heteronormative love stories.

I think Kate Harding and Ann Powers say everything there is to say on the subject. So I’ll just add a video of Bridget Everett performing Taylor’s “Crazier” at Our Hit Parade a few months ago. This is love, 90swoman-style, not to mention THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Taylor: If you want me to tell you what “heteronormative” means or to borrow some back issues of Ms., let me know.


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