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We Need to Talk About TV

Buzzfeed had a reader contest for the most ’90s image. The one of Kathleen in the telephone onesie that Brendan posted is the clear winner, right? But I was struck by how much TV stuff got put on there. Like this one (remember high-rise jeans?!). And I realized we still haven’t talked about TV. Maybe we should, cause Friends and Seinfeld in particular were SO ’90s.

Am I crazy or does Friends in particular totally reflect the evil “hook-up culture”? I mean, all these guys and girls are friends and sometimes they sleep together and there’s some drama and then they go back to being friends again. The ladies are ambitious in their careers and have strong friendships and theoretically want marriage and kids eventually but that’s not their main drive. I mean, they’re pretty bougie and not exactly radical, but maybe there’s something to how that show normalized co-ed city life?


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