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Continuing my 90s Body Crusade

So, Ada, I was thinking about how it’s true that you rarely see celebrities with soft bodies anymore. And yet, somehow, I haven’t been feeling all that oppressed by 2010 beauty standards. How come? Part of it is probably because I don’t work at fashion magazines anymore. But the other part, I think, has to do my twin American Apparel and Tumblr obsessions. American Apparel (and their vintage offshoot, California Select) might be kinda evil, but their aesthetic definitely veers towards curvy models in super-tight clothes. And there are lots of awesome tumblrs, like Fuck Yeah Chubby Girls!, to counter the super-skinny, super-airbrushed images we see elsewhere. Maybe the 90s body aesthetic isn’t totally dead?

I have a crush on this American Apparel model.

This Vintage Select girl is really cute.

Vintage Select. Cute.

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